"There was a hip crowd at Kafein
not a soul hung up and mean
they all drank a cup
and knew what was up
and no one mistook Wilco for Ween."  

Pablo Otavalo



Founded in 1991 by Irene Sics, Kafein has served Evanston's late night coffee and community lovers long before the layman could discern a cup of drip coffee from a pour over. As with many landmark institutions, Kafein has evolved overtime - hosting a few various owners throughout the years. As of June of 2017, Kafein has undergone a final change in management. The current owners seek to preserve the history and bones of Kafein that Irene so beautifully established, along with introducing more of an event and community-based scene. In addition to this, the team at Kafein is passionate about serving a cup of coffee that any coffee enthusiast can get behind. 

Come check out the month's featured artist on the walls, attend the next music, poetry or comedy event or just say hello over a quality, expertly crafted cup of coffee just to your liking. Come in and see for yourself.